How do you want to be remembered?

Capture a lifetime of memories and stories in glorious HD video - for future generations to share and enjoy.

Loftbox is a life stories video production company focussed on helping everyone tell their own unique story through beautiful, high quality video - all whilst using archive photography and video to bring these stories to life.Our mission is to help future generations see, feel, and experience their ancestors like never before.

Beryl's story

Beryl has lived quite some life. She’d often thought about writing a book, but was not only daunted by the investment it would need, she was afraid it would never quite capture both the magic of her love story, nor the drama of her rise and fall in fortunes.

“To say I’m delighted with my Loftbox experience is an understatement. It’s just everything I could have asked for and then some.”- Beryl

Sam's story

Sam was one of four grandparents in the Margolin family - of whom the grandchildren bought the Loftbox experience. As the creator of the Dansette - his stories of leading the record player boom in the 60's was a story worth capturing.

“What I initially considered just a thoughtful gift, became both a family treasure and an experience I'll never forget.”- Sam

The Loftbox experience, step by step.

1. Initial Consultation

It all starts with a chat. It's our chance to know a bit more about you and your vision for your Loftbox video, and to help you better understand our full breadth of services.

2. Planning and storyboarding

Next up, we work together to think about the content we need to capture. What questions do we need to ask? What areas do we need to cover?

3. Filmed in your home

With our plan in place, we find a convenient time to come to your home (or place of choice) and begin the process of capturing your story on production grade cameras.

4. Compiling content

We will digitise your cine, repair and colourise your old photos, source additional content, license any music - everything we need to tell your story to the fullest.

5. Editing and review

With all of the content we need, the editing process can begin. We will take as many reviews as we need to complete your masterpiece. Your happiness is all that matters.

6. It's all yours!

Whether uploaded online, send digitally, or shared on USB in one of our luxury gift boxes, we hand over your final video in any way you might desire.

Why I started Loftbox

"It’s only when you lose someone close to you that you that you suddenly realise how little you knew about them. After over 30 years of working in corporate video production, I'm passionate about turning those skills to ensure no story is left untold."Jim Martin, Founder, Loftbox

Whose story needs telling?

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